2Master Recycling is committed to providing superior quality recycling and waste management services through excellent customer service, innovation, and cost efficiency within an environment that brings out the best in each associate. As a cost effective, single source provider of the highest quality recycling, diversion, and waste removal services, Master Recycling’s goal is to be provider of superior quality recycling and waste management services nationally and internationally.




The Master Family of Companies

Master Recycling has a long business history. You will find that Master Recycling companies have a very competitive team to help with any and all recycling programs your business may require.

Master Recycling strives to maximize recycling programs that would not only reduce the amount of waste going to the landfills but also minimize the cost of your waste removal fees.

Master Disposal Co., Inc. (1959)

Master Disposal is a full service rubbish and waste hauling company with a recycling “Collection Program”, recognized by the State of California (Certification #CP0025). Therefore, Master Disposal is capable of offering companies the ability to comply with any and all legislation cities may require. In addition to its fleet of various trucks and vehicles, Master Disposal has all the resources to handle all needs of a company or individual.

TrashMaster Compactors, Inc. (1972)

TrashMaster designs and manufactures trash and recycling compactors, enabling the customization of each unit to fit each need(s) of a client. For larger companies that have a more complexed waste removal and recycling requirements, Trashmaster can evaluate and designs a trash and/or recycling compactor that will meet those requirements. Master Recycling Center, Inc. has been in business since 1982. Recycling has always been a part of Master Disposal and TrashMaster’s daily business. With the thought of recycling being the wave of the future, Master Recycling opened a full service recycling company. Recycling is a strong force in the waste management field, having a certified recycling center (Certification #RC4188) expands the recycling programs enabling Master Recycling to buy from the public as well as cities and businesses that want to conduct their own recycling program(s).

California Processing, Inc. (1991)

Being a licensed “Processor” (Certification #PR0116), California Processing is able to handle all recycling and waste management programs from an operation standpoint as well as administration. California Processing prepares reports with the recycling and diversion rates and delivers them directly to the proper municipalities as well as its client. By reporting directly to the municipalities on behalf of its clients, helps to not only meet all the requirements on the client’s behalf, but lets the client freely conduct their business without a concerns. California Processing is located in the City of El Monte, where recyclable materials, which at one time was deemed to the landfill, is being sorted and processed for recycling.

Master Recycling Consultants (2000)

Master Recycling Consultant’s offer a wide range of experience in the field of recycling, waste diversion, and solid waste programs, specializing in solid waste reduction. Available throughout United States, Master Recycling provides large chain companies with quality waste removal services along with saving to each client.